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Murdock Metal Spinning
Frying pans and paella pans


We make pans in tough black steel, to meet the needs of the busiest kitchen.

                                       Frying pans

                                 Straight profile sides  
                                 Tough black handles 

    Black iron frying pans 



                                      Black iron omelette pans

   Omelette pans 
       Rounded profile sides
       Tough black handles 


                       Euro (wok style) pans

                   Deeper pans with a narrow base

Black iron euro pans / wok pans 

                                             Black iron crepe pans 

     Crepe pans
         Flat with very shallow sides


                 Paella pans
                     Attractive copper handles
                     For the cooktop and the table

Black iron paella pans  

All pan types are available in a range of sizes.

Look out for the Murdock Maestro™ brand as your assurance of excellent quality.
Frying pans and paella pans
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