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Other pizza products

We make or distribute a range of other products often used in the pizza-making industry.     

Mesh pizza trays / mesh screens allow complete airflow from below. In a wood-fired oven, this is the connoisseur's choice.
Now also available with stainless steel mesh. For par-baked dough specifically for the wholesale market, there is no quicker way to bake, helping you maximise output at the lowest cost.

We don't always hold stock of mesh screens in all
, so lead times of up to 1 month may be needed to fill orders. 

Mesh pizza trays           18 tier pizza racksSturdy 18 tier pizza racks.

Deep pizza pans 

Deep pizza pans meet the market need for thicker pizza. They are available in a range of sizes.  Deep pizza pans are made from aluminium, black steel or aluminised steel - the same range of materials as pizza trays.

Tray lids and deep saucing rings  are available for most of the
sizes. Stackable lids provide the perfect way to assist in preparing in advance for the busiest time of your day.

Hang on the wall or stand on the floor.

Unique feature to cater for small 9" trays.

Now also 12 tier under-counter racks.

If you want a professional pizza slicer that cuts pizzas up to 13 inch without moving the toppings, then you want a Clean Cut. 

Made entirely of stainless steel.
No handles to come loose.
Can go in the dishwasher.
Can be resharpened.

Also works as a knife to cut veggies, fruit and herbs.

 For holding trays before or after baking, or for boxed pizzas waiting for collection.


Other pizza products
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